About FantasyWorld

On 2 March 2020 our old map got a new life with as result lots of changes. FantasyWorld is made in 2014 by Esli van den Berg (Minecraft name: djdelamonto). Because of a small but close team we are working on the server in full fantasy to make this server a big and colorful themepark with a lot of fantasy. In the upcoming years there are coming a lot of new things like: new attractions, new themes to make our park more realistic.

The team of FantasyWorld is daily busy with reovating of attractions and organizing events. Keep an eye on our social media (Twitter,Instagram and Discord) to always be first of all updates that are happening in our park.

Everything you need to know about  FantasyWorld

March 2020

After 4 years the direction makes the decision to start up the server again, almost immediately they start with an unique concept in the community: letting guests watch during the (re)build of the park. This creates a lot of positive attention and players. Because of this they received 250 unique players within 4 weeks and started the first attraction to take it’s shape.  


Because of certain circumstances the management decides to stop developing the park. The park closes her gates.


The server opens her gates for the first time for the public, visitors are confronted with a lot of choice of attractions and facilities in the park.